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135 series marine diesel engines is based on the basic type diesel engine, and follow the special requirements for ship used, added sea water pump, sea water and fresh water heat exchanger, and water cooling exhaust pipe, etc. this type of engine has an accurate of speed adjustment, good motion performance, high efficiency and any other characteristics; every parameter reaches the national advanced level. its power covers between 24kw-250kw, for different frequency like 50hz and 60hz generating sets, there are different spinning rate and are 1500r/ min and 1800r/ min respectively.

    g128 diesel engine is the energy-saving type of marine engine product, which is specially developed by shanghai diesel engine co., ltd for adapting the international trend. it not only improves the horsepower of 135 bore diesel engine but also saves the fuel oil more, and the min. fuel consumption with full load is only 199g/kw.h, that will assist the users for grasping the decisive occasion on the market with the rising oil price but falling freight. this engine possesses the excellent power, economic efficiency, reliability, adopts the water-cooling exhaust pipe, remote-control instrumentation, and sound-light alarm, with the integrated attachments, compact-layout, easy installation, and also keeps certain versatility with 135 series diesel engine’s regarding the fittings, thus being easy operation, convenient repair and maintenance. 

   our marine diesel generating sets select shanghai “dongfeng” brand 135 and g128 series diesel engine as the power, and go with selective alternators. we can choose from “stanford” brushless alternator, lanzhou phase-compound alternators, “sanbo” with brush (ht) or brushless (hw), or “marathon” brushless alternators. this series product satisfies the gb/t13032-91[general technology conditions for marine diesel generation sets] standard.