weichai 160/170 series-皇冠体育平台

r6160 series diesel engine is a new generation of 6160 series which is developed by weichai in 2003. r6160 series diesel engine have been optimized and improved the fuel system, intake and exhaust system, cooling system, lubrication system and the starting system on the basis of original 6160 series. its power covers from 164kw to 255kw; spinning rate is 1000r/min.

the 3rd era 170 series marine diesel engine is a new generation from 170z series diesel engine which is developed by weichai in 2003. it has renewed the pressure intensifier, high-pressured oil pump, fuel injector, air inlet, and the burning room; it has been optimized the engine body, wet cylinder liner, exhaust pipe, and the pistons, etc. this improvement leads better performance, and more reliable of the new 170 series.

our marine diesel generating set select weifang 160,170 series diesel engines as the power, and goes with selective alternators. we can choose from “stanford” brushless alternator, lanzhou” phase-compound alternators, or “marathon” brushless alternators. this series product satisfies the gb/t13032-91[general technology conditions for marine diesel generating sets] standard.

main specification of 160、170series marine dieselgenerating sets