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  sc series diesel engine has high reliability, high efficiency, excellent start at low temperature and any other characteristics, every parameter reach the national advanced level, its power covers from 80kva to 250kva. for different frequency like 50hz and 60hz generating sets, there are different spinning rate and are 1500r/ min and 1800r/ min respectively.
  our diesel generating sets select shanghai “dongfeng” brand scseries diesel engine as the power, and go with selective alternators. we can choose from “stanford” brushless alternator, “lanzhou”or “qianghui”  harmonic or phase-compound alternators, “sanbo” alternators(one type with brush and another one is brushless). this series product satisfies the gb2820 standard.
main specifications of the sc series diesel generating sets

remark: alternator model:1.“stanford”brushless alternators    
                                                         2.“sanbo”with brush (t)or brushless (w)alternators
                                                         3.“lanzhou”or “qianghui” harmonic or phase-compound alternators
engine model: shanghai dongfeng brand sc diesel series
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