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  shanghai new holland agricultural machinery corporation limited (snh) is a joint  venture between cnh global co. ltd. (newholland mauritius pte limited as investor) affiliated to italian fiat group and shanghai tractor and internal combustion engine corporation (stec) affiliated to shanghai automotive industry (group) corporation. the corporation is the largest project of agricultural machinery among joint ventures in china until now, which represents the first step for cooperation between china's leading enterprise in medium horse power tractors and the world's largest agricultural giant. the business scope covers the development and production of hi-tech agricultural machinery (including tractors, engines used for original equipment, combines, implements and related parts), the sales of self-manufactured products as well as the rendering of after-sales services and technical consulting services.
  shanghai brand 95ad、100ad series engine is a modified version of model 95a diesel engine which has been awarded continuously the national golden medal prize three times. the power range of shanghai brand 95ad、100ad series diesel engine matched with generating set is from 17.25-55kva. in order to meet the needs for two different frequencies 50hz and 60hz of generating set, the rated speed can be either at 1500 rpm or and 1800 rpm
  the diesel generating sets are driven by the shanghai brand 95ad、100ad series diesel engines and coupled with “stanford” brushless alternators , “sanbo” with brush or brushless alternators, “lanzhou” or “qianghui” harmonic or phase-compound alternators, “shantou” or “mindong” harmonic alternators. the series products accord with standard gb2820.

main         specifications of the  95100ad series diesel generating sets
remark: alternator model:
1.“stanford” brushless alternators    
                                         2.“sanbo”with brush(t)or brushless(w)alternators
                                         3.“lanzhou”or “qianghui” harmonic or phase-compound alternators
                                         4.“shantou” or “mindong” harmonic alternators

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