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chongqing cummins engine co. ltd has an agreement of a technology authority with american cummins corp in 1981, a joint stock company was founded formally in 1995, and the time limit is 30 years. the engine production of chongqing cummins is 10,000 annual.
    the products of chongqing cummins co. ltd specializes in advanced nh,k and m11 serial high-speed, big-power diesel motor, generating set and ship power set ranging from 181.3 to 1678.8kw. our products are applicable for truck, passenger car, construction machinery, petrol machinery, generation set, shipbuilding, track automobile. due to advanced economical efficiency, power, reliability, durability and environmental security, our products are favored by users at home and abroad.
    our diesel generating set select chongqing cummins nt855, kta19, kta38, and kta50 series diesel engine as the power, and go with “stanford” brushless alternators. this series product satisfies the gb2820 standard.
main specification of kta38
kta50 series diesel generating sets

alternator model:1.“stanford” brushless alternators
                  2.“lanzhou” phase-compound or brushless alternators
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