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  weichai power co.,ltd. is founded by weifang diesel engine factory together with domestic and foreign investors. weichai power is a modern enterprise as well as the major enterprise in the prc specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and sales of diesel engines. the products are widely applicable to different markets, including heavy-duty vehicles, coaches, construction machines, vessels and power generator. weichai power is dedicated to the technological development of diesel engine industry. the product development capabilities and the advanced technology of the company dominate the leading position in the prc market. the company’s wd615 and wd618 diesel engines have over 60% of market share in both the heavy-duty vehicles and construction machines market. the diesel engine jointly developed with steyr has complied with euro ii emission standard before the required deadline and has been launched to the market. high-speed diesel engines of 10l/12l maintain the dominant position in the market for recent years.
  the company has robust research and development capabilities and a team of more than 160 professionals. in addition, the company operates a modern research and development center and product laboratories. weichai power has entered into research and development agreement with renowned diesel engines r&d organizations in europe, so as to ensure the advanced technological standard of the company.
  weifang weichai-deutz diesel engine company limited is a joint venture company of weifang diesel engine works and deutz company of germany. the companies cooperate both in technology and manufacturing process.deutz company has removed all its equipment, technology and management to weifang. the designed annual producing capacity is 25000sets. its power covers from 37.5-150kva. for different frequency like 50hz and 60hz generating sets, there are different spinning rate and are 1500r/ min and 1800r/ min respectively.
  our diesel generating sets select weichai-deutz 226b series diesel engine as the power, and go with selective alternators .home and abroad such as stamford, marathon, leroysomer, lanzhou , qianghui etc.
main specifications of deutz 226b diesel engines

remark: alternator model:
1.“stanford”brushless alternators     
                                                       2.“marathon” brushless  alternators 
                                                       3.“lanzhou” harmonic or phase-compound alternators
engine model: shanghai dongfeng brand 135 ,g128 diesel series

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