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   jinan diesel engine co.,ltd (jdec) is the only specialized manufacturer of internal-combustion engines under china national petroleum corporation(cnpc),and also the biggest manufacturer of oil drilling power set. in 1995, jdec passed the certification of iso9001 by china classification society and was reformed to a listed company in 1996 with her stock name of “jinan diesel”. the main products of jdec are chidong series 190 diesel engines(225~2175kva), diesel gen-sets(200~1875kva), gas engine(25~1375kva), gas gen-sets(22.5~1250kva).our company has a production capacity of more than 1000 units annually, and you can find our customers in all big oil fields, 30 different provinces, cities and autonomous regions in china as well as some 30 countries and regions. z12v190b diesel engine-the leading product-is the only “national gold prize medal product” of high speed and high power engine family.
  jinan “chidong” brand 190 series diesel generating sets, that has a security protection from over current, reverse power, over speed, low oil pressure, etc. additionally, it has an accurate pressure adjustment, good motion performance, stable voltage wave, high efficiency, reliable running status, and long service life, economical and any other characteristics. its power covers from 675kva to 1102.5kva.
   our diesel generating sets select jinan “chidong” brand diesel engine as the power, and go with selective alternators. we can choose from “stanford” brushless alternator, “lanzhou” phase-compound brushless alternators, or “sanbo” brushless alternators. . this series product satisfies the gb2820 standard.
main specification of 190 series diesel generating sets

remark: alternator model:
1.“stanford”brushless alternators    
                                                         2.“marathon” brushless  alternators
                                                         3.“lanzhou” harmonic or phase-compound alternators
engine model: shanghai dongfeng brand 135 ,g128 diesel series

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