gn320 is based on well proven technology in g300 diesel engine. it is independently designed by ningbo csi in response to great demand of domestic-made large power medium speed four stroke engine of china's booming ship building market.
the engine is fully equipped with essential ancillaries, and if requested, configured with coupling gearbox, control and protection device etc.

main application:
propulsion engines for various large-size vessels i.e. fishing ships, passenger and cargo

ships and tugboats etc.

core values:
fuel flexibility (can run with hfo up to 380cst@50degree)
low-nox combustion
reliability and low maintenance costs
minimized consumables

8 cylinders in-line, four-stroke, direct injection, turbocharged, inter-cooled
bore: 320mm
stroke: 380mm
unit output: 2500kw~3089kw
rev.: 600rpm~650rpm